Work Skills

Problem solving

Analytical Thinking

While analytical thinking skills may seem natural, they’re not necessarily intuitive, and they don’t come easily to many people.

Studying the natural science physics has formed me to be one of the few, competitive in deductive reasoning and drawing conclusions from givens

Convey information


Operating efficiently in working environments requires being self-confidence in verbal, written and visual communication, while feeling empathy and understanding the needs of your co-workers.

Despite communication proofs are hardly written you can give me a call and convince yourself - 0034695460404.



One of the main sources of productivity is keeping priorities straight. Constantly focusing on the aimed big picture and controlling resources as time is essential for meeting deadlines.

Trying to compete in many subjects made it hard to focus but increased the development of necessary prioritization skills.


Creativity thinking

Looking for many possible answers rather than one leads to Creative thinking. Although ideas are easily judged in an early stage of a process and thinking outside the box can quickly lead to mistakes critical thinking is what qualitative projects are about.

Solving problems in math or especially in programming one encounters many solutions, yet only a few who are exact and elegant.

Business acumen

Commercial Awareness

Staying up-to-date on daily happenings and developments in the business and commercial world can be troublesome in a more and more challenging environment of political and economical interrelations.

Becoming commercially aware must be developed over a period of time, while experiencing companies. Therefore keeping track of newspaper and economical magazines can only scratch the surface of business acumen.

High Level of Energy

Self Motivation

Having a clear image about personal goals and achievements correlates strongly with ones self motivation level. Furthermore avoiding intrinsic and focusing on extrinsic motivation advantages non obligatory work.

Pursuing ones great decisive aims with force and determination, while preserving ones positive attitude points to accomplishments others may not reach.

Software that i daily use

  • Photoshop
  • Mathematica
  • Ableton
  • Microsoft Office
  • Traktor

Languages that i daily speak

  • German
  • English
  • Spanish
  • French

Machine code that i daily type

  • C++
  • Python
  • HTML
  • PHP
  • Javascript
  • jQuery
  • CSS
  • Sass